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"Capturing Souls, Not Only Smiles"


Documentary Wedding Photographer Ireland

My name is Szymon and I am the principal photographer at Boutique Photography, based in Dublin, Ireland. I am a documentary wedding photographer, or in popular jargon, a story telling photographer. This means that the images I make are candid, untouched moments from the wedding day. I don't stage, prompt or pose, my wedding photography style is organic and faithfully represents the events throughout the wedding day. I honestly believe there is enough true emotions and beauty to the wedding day that do not need to be posed or fabricated. Focusing on the real life happening throughout the day creates space for me to be present and capture intimate moments between the subjects that you do not expect. Moments that are the most real. Eye contact, touch, emotion, laugh and humour all play a major part in my shooting style. When I deliver pictures to my clients I want them to be teleported right back to that moment in time. I want them to remember their thoughts of this moment. I believe that formals should be a subtle, rather small part of the day. It's not my wedding day, it's yours. This is not photoshoot. My true goal is for you to forget traditional roles of photographer and celebrate the day with those ones who have made a great effort to be with you on your wedding day. 

All that I care about is getting the best photos for you possible. This is why I don't operate packages which limit the time I spent photographing your wedding. I don't want to be checking my watch while great moments are happening behind me, and I don't want you to worry about my schedule. Right from the start, you get everything you need for gorgeous, comprehensive wedding photography, with NO limit on time and NO limit on images taken. And there are no hidden costs: your images are yours to integrate into your life and keep safe for future generations.

Complete wedding photography coverage includes:

- Full day coverage (No limit on time/ No limit on images)

- Pre-visit to your venue

- Meeting to discuss your needs and get to know each other

- A minimum of 300 professionally edited images supplied to you in both high & low resolution on a USB key

- Online password protected gallery with all the images

Please feel free to give me a call or contact me via email at any time.

Wedding Photojournalism. Telling Your Story.

Wedding Photography

I would love to hear from you! Please fill out the form and I will get in touch with you shortly.

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"I Tell Stories, Through Pictures, Throughout Ireland, Truly Documentary"

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